On the Horizon... Kickstarter Launches in 2 Weeks

Posted by GlyphGryph at 2013-06-01 16:35:41 UTC

Many of you have played Cataclysm for a while. Others have only recently discovered the game. But one of the more common comments we receive is "How can I help?"

Now is your chance. We're going to attempt to bring Ethan "Soron" Kaminski on as a full-time Cataclysm developer, dedicated to bringing us top-notch performance, full tile support for those who wish it, z-levels, advanced modding tools for non-technical users, along with a wide variety of other goals. All things that are on the feature list, but more extensive than we could probably manage on our own, and with development times measuring in weeks or months instead of years.

We'll keep you up to date on the state of the Kickstarter as it progresses - We plan to launch on June 15th. It's been great having you all as fans, and hopefully, working together, we can make this game even more awesome, far faster than would otherwise be possible.

A link to the kickstarter will be provided once it launches.

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